Neon Floral Fade Singlet (L only)

Neon Floral Fade Singlet (L only)

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The Neon Floral Fade Singlet features a floral vine print in light neon pink, overlaid on a seamless neon fade from coral through pink to fuchsia at the bottom hem. The bold black graphic "Do Yoga Run Faster" pops against this bright background, and adds some boldness and spring into your step for your next workout or race. 

  • Full spectrum neon printing means ALL the colors here have neon elements--we can print neon coral and purple!
  • Floral vine print in light neon pink
  • Neon fade from bright coral to pink to fuschia
  • "Do Yoga Run Faster" graphic text

We wear-tested our singlet pattern on seasoned female runners and athletes until we got it just exactly right—here is your new race day or every day uniform.  

See size chart here. Singlets run true to size.

Fabric: Velocity.

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