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Everyone Deserves the Best Running Gear

The perfect running singlet for women: the most comfortable pattern, the highest quality performance fabric, and limited edition prints so no one else has it.


Want the best yoga for runners? Look no further.

At Runners Love Yoga, we believe every runner deserves to run to their full potential, free of injuries, and feeling fluid and strong with every stride.

Founded by Ann Mazur, Ph.D., elite runner and yoga teacher, RLY brings you proven, efficient, effective yoga to immediately improve your running performance.

Do Yoga Run Faster.

Stream Yoga Workouts for Runners Anywhere in the World


Find Streamable Yoga Workouts for Every Need

From alleviating tightness in your hips and piriformis, to strengthening calves and core, we have a workout for that.

Lengthen and Strengthen Legs

Tight calves from a recent road race? Need to work on hamstring flexibility? This bundle of 3 videos targets all major muscle groups of the legs. 

This bundle includes Yoga for Hips (28 min.), Yoga for Calves and Hamstrings (32 min.), and Yoga for Legs and Core (27 min.).

Core and More Streamable Bundle 

If you're looking for a quick but challenging core routine, and shorter sequences to reinvigorate the legs for before or after running, this package has you covered.

This bundle includes Core Blaster Yoga (26 min.), Essential Legs Refresher Yoga (23 min.), and Pre/Post-Run Yoga (12 min.).

Lengthen and Strengthen Legs + Core and More Combo Package

Save when you purchase our two most recent video bundles together; get all 6 videos for lifetime streaming for $75.99.

All videos are 12-32 minutes in length and provide a well-rounded library of programs to enhance your run training.


Practice Yoga with Ann Anytime, Anywhere in the World

We know that adding yoga into your current routine can be challenging. That's why we've built the best streamable programs so you can do your yoga when it suits your day best.


Watch the Trailer for Free

Click to watch the trailer for the "Lengthen and Strengthen Legs" + "Core and More" Combo Package.

Buy either 3 video bundle individually for lifetime streaming, or save when you buy them together as the combo package.

The Originial RLY Video Series Bundle

Watch the trailer for the Original Video Series Bundle, and run with Ann to the top of the mountain.

Charlottesville natives and visitors will recognize this popular local trail!

Browse the entire library of 12 videos here.

Runners Love Yoga DVD

New to yoga? The DVD is a great place to start.

Visit the ACCESSORIES section of the shop for the DVD, socks, and more.