Q: But I have no idea how to incorporate yoga into the running training that I'm already doing!!?

A: Never fear! I have been asked this question many a time before, and have written a blog post here to address all your concerns! I also realize a lot of runners may not have either the time or the inclination to get to a yoga studio after walking in the door from a 10 miler; that's why I created my streamable yoga workouts. These run anywhere from 10 minutes to just over an hour, so you can do as much yoga as you like with the time you've got.

Q: Can I get Ann to teach a pre-/post-run routine to my team/sorority/calculus study group?  Or organize a yoga session or two for my office?

A: Yes!  I love teaching teams, small groups, and individuals, and at running camps, offices, and everywhere between!  I've even taught yoga to wedding parties! Contact me for details here.



Q: But I went to yoga before and it was boring?

A:  Styles of yoga vary widely by teacher!  A yoga class exists out there that is RIGHT for you.  I teach vinyasa (or "flow") yoga which concentrates on moving fluidly between poses.  I love integrating creative sequencing into my classes so no two are ever alike.

I have a background in ashtanga, iyengar, anusara, and power yoga, so I pull from all "methods" to create the best class for the group I am currently teaching.


Q. But I'm too tight to do yoga!?

A:  No you're not!  Yoga is for every runner and everyone!  Remember, I was once the "not flexible one"...yoga rewards consistency, so you will see improvements even if you just stretch twice a week.  However, yoga is also about much more than "perfecting" a pose.  The best part of yoga is that there will be some pose that YOU love doing and you can feel greatly helps YOU.  Also, with yoga generally, you will be a healthier and thus faster/happier runner .