#RunnersLoveYogaYINYANG: 14 Days of a yang/yin balance

Our June challenge featured a balance of yang (active flow sequences) with yin (longer held postures). The yoga poses and sequences most familiar to you are likely YANG: active, muscle-building, energizing. June, as the bridge between spring and summer, was the perfect time to introduce a balance into our practices--to slow down and incorporating some calming YIN, longer held poses which increase your range of motion and focus on the connective tissue. Just below is our official challenge image featuring all 14 days of yin-yang. AND, just below that is a click-through slideshow of all 14 sequences and poses with written instructions. Even more exciting: right click on each slideshow image, select "open link in new tab," and ta-da, you've the 15 second Instagram video--now on YouTube--associated with each sequence. A visual and a written guide?! Time for some yoga!