Finish Line: finding shoes for a new season!

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One of the ways that I ensure I stay healthy and injury-free as a runner is by keeping my shoes fresh throughout my many miles. I’m so excited to wear my new adidas UltraBOOST from Finish Line at the start of this next marathon training cycle! Besides being light and cushiony, these shoes quite literally put an invigorating bounce and boing in my step! I choose my shoes based upon how they make me feel when I run, but these UltraBOOST also came in more than 10 colors: my fashionable side as well as my legs were well satisfied by the great variety offered at Finish Line:

Feeling like I’m running on fluffy bouncy clouds, check.

Also feeling quite content with my “Chalk Pearl/Cloud White/Shock Pink” colorway, check! As the saying goes, look good, feel good… run faster!

Finish Line and I actually go way back: when I first started running as a high schooler, I got all of my shoes from the Finish Line at the local mall. I have really fond memories of shopping there as a teen with my mom and getting new shoes during cross country season—and it was one of very few places that offered legitimate athletic clothing for women, far before this became a real trend! I really appreciated that Finish Line catered to female athletes too!! I still have some of my favorite, now well-worn pieces saved from my early shopping at Finish Line, and am excited to wear their shoes today—when they now have an even greater selection of shoes available through online shopping.

I actually feel like I have a real bounce in my step when I have these on my feet! Thanks to Finish Line for spring loading my stride for the new year to come! Check out the UltraBOOST that I’m wearing HERE and find your own favorite colorway to speed into the new year.